Our Story

About The Sunflower Bakery & Cafe

Since 1999, the Sunflower Bakery & Cafe has been serving fantastic food created from scratch with the finest ingredients available. Since our humble beginnings as a small bakery on 16th and Church that served a few bakery items, cold sandwiches, and our famous tomato basil soup, we have always drawn a large crowd. In a couple of years, our success allowed us to open a restaurant at a second location and offer a fantastic dining experience that matched our delicious breakfasts and lunches. By focusing on dishes we want to eat, we quickly won over the crowds, and before long, there were long lines of loyal customers waiting to eat at both places. Needing more room, we combined both businesses at their current location at 512 14th St. in January of 2006. Again the crowds nearly overwhelmed them, and the new location brought in even more customers drawn by our unique food and excellent service.


In September of 2008, all of that was nearly lost when Hurricane Ike brought in 7 feet of water that destroyed everything in the restaurant right down to the last spoon. Refusing to be bested, we started again, rebuilding the restaurant in record time and re-opening on December 16th, 2008, to record crowds and excellent reviews. The secret to our success is that we are chefs first. As a result, we focus on making fantastic food as well as creating a delightful experience for our customers. By focusing on creating a business we could be proud of instead of just making a profit, we build a loyal following that has far surpassed our wildest dreams.

When you dine at the Sunflower, you are part of the Blair family!



The Blair legacy is about much more than just an amazing family restaurant. It includes the hard-working managers, servers, chefs, and others who make this great food and atmosphere possible. Our family also includes the customers that make the Sunflower Bakery & Cafe so special!

Lisa Blair

Baker Extraordinaire


Lisa learned to bake from her grandmother as a small child and has been making gourmet dishes from cookbooks since she was ten years old. She also received formal training at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America where she excelled at baking. Lisa and her team come in at 4 AM to bake so that her delicious pies, pastries, rolls, scones, and muffins are fresh and warm from the oven when you come in. She uses fresh high-quality ingredients so that you can enjoy home-made taste straight from the oven to your table. Her favorite dish is still her Grandmother’s apple pie.

Harry Blair

Master Chef


Harry has had a passion for cooking since he was a teen and working the night shift at an all-day restaurant. He attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and has worked in many important positions including head chef for the Governor of Missouri. Harry also helped start many local restaurants like The Fisherman’s Wharf, The Waterman, Fish Tales, and The Spot where he developed the menus and acted as head chef and manager. He & Lisa finally opened The Sunflower to make their shared vision of excellence a reality, so he could genuinely be proud of every aspect of his beloved profession.

Zach Blair

Brand Ambassador


Zach takes great pride in the family business and his role as the brand ambassador of the Sunflower Bakery and Cafe. He takes great care to see that every aspect of the business receives his full attention. Most days you can find him greeting people at the restaurant or working behind the scenes to help make things run smoothly. His goal is to provide great food and a friendly relaxed place to eat for everyone. After all it’s a family tradition!

Our Food


Our food is chosen from top-quality seasonal ingredients and features a large percentage of choice locally-sourced products. Our menu changes quite often and offers a mix of specialties and signature dishes. The Sunflower Bakery and Cafe is a “Galveston style” restaurant honoring many local and American cooking traditions and interpreting them with our own unique style. Come in and give us a try.